Sunday, 15 April 2018

15 Minute Projects with Chocolate Baroque

15 Minute Projects 
Chocolate Baroque

Hi everyone, I as everyone I know who crafts likes to be able to make a quick card every now and then or possibly even needs to .... 

A favourite thing of mine is to use odds and ends and backing papers that I have made myself or scraps left over from other projects ... why waste them ? 

The following projects do just that and they are quick too, all stamps are available on the Chocolate Baroque Website.

Honey Bee Bookmark

The bookmark is using stamps from the Honey Bee stamp set. 

Take a white off cut from any previous project and if need be cut to suit your bookmark sleeve with a piece of backing card.

Stamp and Emboss the image and sentiment. Using a clear gel pen to make some trails around the image randomly. Whilst this is drying add some colour to the bee. 

Using a blender pad add colour to your white card ( you gel pen should be dry by now ) mount on background, pop into bookmark sleeve and add ribbon if desired. 

The Rose Tree

The Rose Tree stamps set.

Stamp image and verse onto white card using a permanent brown inkpad ( I used the Versafine Habanero)  As I used Inktense Pencils to add a little colour to the tree itself and to ground it, so as it wouldn't appear to be floating in mid air. Use either a clear sparkle brush pen or plain water brush to activate colour. Mount onto black card and then to ready folded card of choice.


Essence of Nature Stamp Set

Both coloured backgrounds on this card are from my stash .... Just cut to size desired stamp and heat emboss the image and a sentiment of your choice. Mount onto card.


Serenity Stamp Set

For this card I simply used another background from my stash .... this one has been made using spray inks with a mica to add shine, if I remember correctly but any background will do the backing card is just a bought paper cut to size.
Stamp and heat emboss and using colours of choice add some colour to image. Mount onto card.

Thank you for looking
Doreen x

Friday, 26 January 2018

Punky Romance

Chocolate Baroque

Punky Romance

This card was inspired when I was listening to men in the tea room complain about how 'slushy'  Valentines cards are .... they don't have to be I thought and so here is how I made it : 

Products used include 

Chocolate Baroque Punky Romance Stamp Set
Water Colour Card
 Sparkle Brush Pens
Black Card
7" Square card Blank
Versafine Habanero Inkpad
Metallic Gel Pens

Take the water colour card and make a rectangle using the Blue sparkle brush Pen, then using a large wide wet paint brush, drag the colour out to fill the centre of the rectangle.
I used diagonal strokes of the brush and found that it left the edges of the card slightly darker.
Let this dry naturally. Cut this down to size to give you your desired size topper for the 7"card blank.

Choose stamps from the set and stamp these onto the card when dry using the Versafine Habanero Inkpad. 

Check this is dry, then enhance the stamped image using the Metallic Gel Pens the image does not need colouring .... just random highlights of the image.

Then take a paintbrush and a pot of water with a tissue or kitchen roll to blot, remove the colour from the background in areas of the stamped image to give a faux bleached effect. 

I decided that apart from the large Love stamp from the set this card needed no other sentiment ..... I think it says everything it needs to. Making a not too 'slushy' Valentines Card for a man. 

Using a piece of black card mat and layer onto the 7" card blank.

Thank you for Looking 

Love Doreen

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Chocolate Baroque Butterfly Dreams

Chocolate Baroque

Butterfly Dreams

Products used include

Chocolate Baroque Butterfly Dreams 
Glossy Card Black and White
Distress ink pads : Twisted Citron
                           Wild Honey
                                      Picked Raspberry
Speedball Brayer
Stazon Jet Black ink pad 
Clear embossing powder

Before I begin may I just take this opportunity to say this is my first blog post for Chocolate Baroque and I can not begin to say how excited I am to have been given this chance to join the Guest Design Team. My Thanks go out to Lesley, David and Judith.

I have come a very long way since beginning to make cards with decoupage kits when the very thought of stamping terrified me but the more I watched the more I wanted to give it a try .... 

This is the first of the Chocolate Baroque stamps I ever used and bought after attending a workshop with the talented Eileen Godwin who took me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to bright colours and so began my love of Chocolate Baroque stamps  .... they can be dressed up or down or just stamped and left they look good no matter what you do with them. 

Take the Distress inks and using a blending mat put one stripe of each colour on the mat and blend them into one another then onto the white card. 
I used diagonal strokes as my choice but vertical or horizontal will work well too.Leave to dry.

When dry use an anti static bag all over the coloured card. Stamp image and heat emboss using the clear embossing powder.

Cut coloured card to 5 and a half inches square saving the scrap piece of card to stamp and emboss a sentiment on. Then cut the Black card to 5 and 3/4 inches square. Mat and layer the two together and mount onto a 7" square card blank. 

Apply stickles randomly to the card and set aside to dry. Then take the left over pieces of card stamp,emboss and layer a sentiment onto the card. When I did mine I chose to cut a funky shape to match the shape the stamp made this can easily be done using a large pair of scissors. Add sentiment to card using either glue gel or foam pads to 3d it above the stamped image.

Thank you for looking

Love Doreen 

Friday, 29 December 2017


Chocolate Baroque


Products used include

Shaving Foam ( I find the cheapest works best )
White Card
A piece of card to mat & layer that picks up on colours used
Alcohol Inks
Glitter Brush Pens
Blue Lagoon Versafine Ink Pad
Embossing Powder
Glossy Accents
Gems from Stash

This stamp is in my eyes beautiful no matter how or where it is used.

Take a white piece of card ( I used a piece of A4 and cut it down when it was dry )

Make a bed of shaving foam on a tray of some description, take 3 alcohol inks and drip them randomly into the shaving foam, using a kebab stick or pokey tool swirl to mix the two and not to much though or it will resemble mud. Place the card on top and press into the foam, lift gently and take a ruler and scrape the foam off the card, put to one side to dry.

When dry dust with an anti static bag and stamp directly on the background using the Versafine and quickly apply the embossing powder to stamped image. Heat emboss.

Take a glitter pen of choice and using a pallet mix with water until the desired shade is reached and apply to image with a fine paint brush. Use this technique with all colours, mixing them to achieve colours of choice if desired. 
When dry apply glossy accents to gems in headdress tassels, eyes and lips, put somewhere safe from harm to dry. 

Mat and layer onto an A5 card blank,finish off with a sentiment and apply embellishments of choice. I have used gems from my stash.

Thank you for looking 

Love Doreen 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gift Box

      Gift Box

This is a book box that I thought would serve well as a gift box and a nice decorative piece to be kept by the recipient after opening as a trinket / keepsake box or whatever else they may decide. 

It is painted firstly with gesso then decorated with the lace and texture paste through stencils, I added the flowers and other embellishments after it had been painted. The roses were shop bought but sprayed with Deco Art Media misters the trinkets were all tinted with gilding wax and the buttons were upturned and a small pearl put in to cover the button holes.

All embellishments were fixed in place with Pinflair glue gel. The sentiment is a stamp from a Chocolate Baroque Rose set. Then finally the roses and leaves were brushed with Glue Gloss and sprinkled with glitter and the lace was highlighted with stickles.

Thank you for looking


Doreen xx

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Blue canvas

Blue Canvas

Inspired by Kay Halliwell - Sutton owner of Indigo Blue.

I had a canvas board that was covered in blue brusho but not happy with it so using a technique that Kay showed on tv went about transforming it. All stamps used are by Indigo Blu.

Thanks for looking 

Love Doreen

Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Versatile Clematis

The Versatile Clematis

And now for something a little different ....

This project was inspired by a post from Bernie Simmons, I have had the ' face ' stamp by Stampendous for some time now but when Bernie posted a pic on facebook recently I wondered if the Oak House Studio Clematis Tower stamp could be used in conjuction with the ' face '. 

Well I for one was pleased with the result. 

Using the Clematis Tower- here is the link  I stamped the tower on a post it and cut it out for use as a mask this takes a little careful cutting. Then using the Oak House Studio stamping card I stamped the face into place and then used the Clematis tower to stamp the for the first image, take the mask and cover this up then ink up the area you want to use to complete your hair/hat and stamp into place.

Using the Oak House Studio Pure Colour inks I then painted the Clematis in colours of my choice.

These Inks blend well and can also be used to tint the clear sparkle brush pen that I used to colour the face and then the Clematis to add a bit of bling to the image.

I then cut out the image and mounted it onto some backing card from my stash and added some stickles to the neckline of the image.

Thank you for looking 

Love Doreen 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ink Blending ~ Winter Season

To make this card I used the products listed below

The Winter Trees stamp set
Colour Chemistry Ink Pads
I used Triple Autumn Leaves and Triple Fruity Reds 
Colour Chemistry Black pigment ink pad

Black permanent ink pad
Fusible fibres and Fantasy film
White paint pen
Glitter brush pen

This is the end result 

It starts like this ... looks a bit of a mess at this stage  ... agreed ?

Use the Black and cover the top an bottom and a little down the sides

Looks a bit better once the trees are stamped in place, using the Black Permanent Ink Pad.

 Add some highlights with the glitter brush pen. Add the random snow effect using the white paint pen.

Take some Fusible fibre and Fantasy film and make a sandwich, ink up the word stamps from the set masking off the last 's' from seasons. place sandwich over the inked up stamps and then cover with some greaseproof paper. Using a hot iron fuse the sandwich. I then cut off the excess close to the words but if you prefer to leave more of the film that is ok too. 

As with all things like this you must stay with it to the end to get a better feel of the technique although I must confess, I didn't think much of it myself to start with but it comes good in the end.

Thank you for looking

love  Doreen

Monday, 23 November 2015

Stamp of the Week samples

I have used the Double Dragon stamp set to make these samples along with other Oriental stamps available on the site 

Thank you for looking

love Doreen

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Little Experiment

The Little Experiment

Well folks this is quite an easy thing to do if a little time consuming.
It was suggested to me by Lynnda Worsnop of Oak House Studio.

Firstly I used Oak House Studio stamps to experiment with and would suggest that if you want to try any others try ones you won't be to upset to loose but it should be fine. 

I used the Dog Rose Corner Stamp ( link below ) 

Cover the stamp in pva glue and leave to dry, not to thickly as it will take an age to dry out and be very thick when it eventually does ! Just thick enough that you can't see the stamp beneath.

When dry peel it off the stamp very carefully ( where there are areas of more depth you will find that it will not go see through ) leave to dry for about another hour and then trim the edges off  the pva. It is quite delicate but take things carefully and all will be fine. I coloured the back of the pva leaving the smooth side for the upper most side. 

I then stamped a sentiment onto a black piece of card and cut to size required. When inks are dry use pinflair to attatch to prepared card and mount onto a card base.

I hope you have fun with this technique and will try colouring the pva before use as I intend to do ..... nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. 

Thank You for Looking 

Love Doreen

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Oriental Dragons

Oriental Dragons

Products needed to make this card include :

Versamark Ink Pad
Black Card 
Red Vellum 
1 DL Blank Card
Red Alcohol Marker 
Gold Embossing Powder
Gilding Flakes
A Small Piece of Cut and Dry
PVA Glue

Cut Vellum, Black Card and White Card to fit for matting and layering.
Take Black card and using either talc or an anti static bag dust the card.
Stamp the Serenity Prayer from the Oriental companion set and stamp using versamark, cover with embossing powder and tap off in usual way and heat set.
Whilst you have the versamark and embossing powder out you can do the 3 coins on some of the remainder of the black card.

Next I used the piece of cut and dry and pva to make a glue pad ... just add a teaspoon of the glue and work it into the cut and dry. Dust another piece of the black card ready for use, ink up the dragon stamps with the ' Glue pad '  in the same way you would use an ink pad. Put the stamps straight into water to soak the remainder of the glue off. These will clean off very well with no effort.

Using the gilding flakes of choice cover the Stamped Dragons and buff to a shine. Then put to one side to cut out. This will take a while.

Take the bamboo stamp from the oriental companions set and stamp round the edge of the card using the Colour Chemistry Sepia ink pad. Then take your red alcohol marker and edge the card with it. You can also do this with an ink pad if you prefer.

Finally after cutting out your Dragons and discs matt and layer the card and mount the onto it.

Thanks for Looking 

Love Doreen

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Apache Blessing

Apache Blessing

Products required in the making of this card include :

Green Oak
Triple Meadow Greens
Triple Sky Blues
Triple Sunshine Yellows

Stamps required :

Clear Embossing Powder
Versafine Onyx Black Ink Pad
3mm Foam Pads
A little glue 
Hexagon Dies
One 6x6 square pre-scored linen card

Taking card and a 5.5 inch die, place the die off the folded side of the card and tape into place ready to cut. 

For the Topper

Cut one piece of the A4 card in two and ink one piece using a soft stencil brush starting at the top with the Triple Sky Blue, blend into the card, next add the Triple Sunshine Yellow allowing it to blend into the blue. Tear a piece of paper to make some hills with and taking the lightest of the Triple Meadow Greens place torn paper at an angle to imitate hills, taking care to leave a small area of white in the centre valley. As the hills get closer use the other darker colours towards the bottom of the card.

Take the 4.75 inch die and place over the inked card, and stamp the Apache Blessing into the centre, remove the die and emboss with the clear embossing powder. Then replace the die and tape in place ready for cutting.

 For the Frame

Having placed the 5 inch die onto the second piece of card, stamp the blessing again into the centre of the hexagon, there is no need to re-ink the stamp as it is just being used as a guide. Cut the topper and frame now. Remove dies.

  Stamp the Frame

Using 2 of the smallest leaves from the set randomly stamp around the hexagon using both the Green Oak and Sepia ink pads.

Mark the frame ready for cutting using 4 inch die, I used a pencil and marked the frame on the inside of the die.

Here is a photo of mine before I started cutting.

Putting the card together is the quick and easy part, glue the topper onto the folded card, and place foam pads on the inside of the frame. I found it helped before I cut the frame to mark on the inside of it the top of the frame to make it easier when it came to mounting it into place.

This is the finished card.

Thank you for looking 

Love Doreen