Monday, 27 October 2014

Borders and Frames..... Fireworks


List of ingredients :

1 piece of black glossy card
1 piece of Acetate
Versamark ink pad
Selection of mica powders
Colour Chemistry Acrylic Inks, Citrine, Malachite and Silver
Block Frame Stamp
Double sided foam tape
Black Fine Line Marker Pen
and Fine Line White Paint Marker

Firstly stamp the frame onto the Acetate and leave to dry.
Next take the black glossy card stamp fireworks randomly using the versamark.
Using a dry paint brush take the mica powders and lift a little of the colours you have selected and tap a little of each colour in no particular order over the stamped  images. Then using a very soft brush dust the colours over the images to colour the fireworks. Tap off the excess powder and buff with a soft tissue. 

Returning to the frame I used a white fine line marker to colour the frame and leave to dry completely once again, when done apply the double sided foam tape and cut of the excess acetate from the frame. Choose an area of the firework artwork that you are happy works in the frame and stick the frame to it. Cut the excess black card off so it is not showing outside the frame.
Take a card of your choice and stamp with Archival ink (black) Then write in squares Remember, Remember the fifth of November.
Next take the Acrylic Inks and shake the silver well and put a little onto a white tile, then a little citrine add some of the silver and colour the empty squares. Then I added a little Malachite to the citrine and silver to make a very pale shade of green and then graduated the colour all around the card using the 3 inks. 

If you go over the black of the frame don't worry as when you go over the letters again in the black fine line marker you can colour it back in. 

Mount the frame onto a piece of card from your craft stash and stick to card.

Thank you for looking

Love Doreen

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Borders and Frames .... The beautiful Rose and the Harlequin ....

The Beautiful Rose and The Harlequin....

This is a fairly simple card I just used a large post it to mask off the centre of the card then taking the Colour Chemistry ink pad in Sea Blue and taking The Harlequin stamp and using the main stamp fill in and match up as much as possible then fill in the gaps with the single diamond.

Take the Beautiful Rose Stamp and stamp into the area that was masked off with the post it then using water and a very fine brush drag in the colour from the inked image. I used the Colour Chemistry Dusky Rose and Green as Grass ink pads  for this adding more colour with the brush straight from the ink pad if  I felt it needed a darker shade.

To finish use a fine line marker to go round the inside edge of the Harlequin frame. I did this by eye using a wiggly line, finally I added a couple of paper roses. 

Thank you for looking 

Love Doreen

Framing Christmas

Framing Christmas ....

I used only permanent inks in the making of this card.
Firstly using liquid inks on a blending tool with a felt pad. I chose 2 inks that I like, then randomly stamped the pad all over the acetate.

Then taking the stamps of my choice from the oakhousestudio Big Christmas Collection and using an Archival Jet Black ink pad stamped over the top of the dry ink, allowing it to dry slightly before taking a dry cloth or tissue and wiping the ink off.

Next step was to turn the acetate over and decorate the front using stamps from the Christmas Wreath set  and Wishing you a Merry Christmas sentiment.
Use the Stazon ink pads to stamp the front of the acetate.

I have used the permanent ink technique before but until a couple of days ago had never stamped on the same side as the inks before wiping off but all credit to Kim Reygate for sharing this idea on Facebook. I love the effect it gives and hope you do too.

Thank you for looking

Love Doreen

Saturday, 11 October 2014

One Stamp Challenge - Christmas Corner

One Stamp Challenge - Christmas Coasters

6 Blank Coasters
Embossing Powders in Green, Gold and Clear (or red if you have it ) 
Permanent Black Ink Pad
Permanent Red Ink Pad 
White Acrylic Paint
Corresponding colours of Gilding Wax 

Using the sanded coasters, I always check there are no loose fibres as this will spoil the finished effect. 
I used 2 coats of White Acrylic Paint but if you gesso first, one should be enough.
When they are dry stamp image the first image and coat with embossing powder before moving to the opposite corner, repeat and then heat emboss. Repeat the process for all the coasters, then add sentiment if desired heat embossing as before. 

Take Gilding wax and carefully apply to edges of the coasters and buff to a shine. 

Spray Varnish or Paint a sealant to protect if you wish to.

Thank you for Looking
Love Doreen 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Borders and Frames - Diamonds and Dress

Diamonds and Dress

This card proved to be a little trickier than usual but I am always up for a challenge and won't be beaten if I can help it !! 
This was my 3rd attempt at getting the frame to look the way I wanted it.

Products used in this card are available from Oak House Studio.

Stamps used:

Plus a Black permanent ink pad. 


Other things needed are embossing powder, antistatic pad or talc and Red glitter glue.

Firstly stamp the border in place with a permanent ink pad also stamp onto a post it pad and make four masks, I do this by stamping once and then pull off four post it's and cut once through all of the pieces, this makes short work of making masks. Cover the half diamonds with the masks and stamp the top of the diamond in the centre. Remove masks and save for another time.

Take the solid dress form stamp from the duo set and ink up in Valentine, line up and stamp in place, leave to dry or use a heat gun to dry print. Dust with the antistatic pad or talc, then take the decorative part of the duo and ink up using the Black pigment ink pad and cover with embossing powder whilst still wet, remove excess powder and heat set.

Stamp scrolls randomly around the form  and using ' Style ' out of the Creativity never goes out of style place where ever you feel happy with, taking care when inking up the stamp not to get any ink on the rest of the stamp or alternatively mask off the area leaving a space where you want stamp the word.

Using the Acrylic inks paint the border and the scrolls.

Use the glitter glue on the dress to add a little sparkle.

Thank You for Looking 
Love Doreen