Monday, 23 November 2015

Stamp of the Week samples

I have used the Double Dragon stamp set to make these samples along with other Oriental stamps available on the site 

Thank you for looking

love Doreen

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Little Experiment

The Little Experiment

Well folks this is quite an easy thing to do if a little time consuming.
It was suggested to me by Lynnda Worsnop of Oak House Studio.

Firstly I used Oak House Studio stamps to experiment with and would suggest that if you want to try any others try ones you won't be to upset to loose but it should be fine. 

I used the Dog Rose Corner Stamp ( link below ) 

Cover the stamp in pva glue and leave to dry, not to thickly as it will take an age to dry out and be very thick when it eventually does ! Just thick enough that you can't see the stamp beneath.

When dry peel it off the stamp very carefully ( where there are areas of more depth you will find that it will not go see through ) leave to dry for about another hour and then trim the edges off  the pva. It is quite delicate but take things carefully and all will be fine. I coloured the back of the pva leaving the smooth side for the upper most side. 

I then stamped a sentiment onto a black piece of card and cut to size required. When inks are dry use pinflair to attatch to prepared card and mount onto a card base.

I hope you have fun with this technique and will try colouring the pva before use as I intend to do ..... nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. 

Thank You for Looking 

Love Doreen

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Oriental Dragons

Oriental Dragons

Products needed to make this card include :

Versamark Ink Pad
Black Card 
Red Vellum 
1 DL Blank Card
Red Alcohol Marker 
Gold Embossing Powder
Gilding Flakes
A Small Piece of Cut and Dry
PVA Glue

Cut Vellum, Black Card and White Card to fit for matting and layering.
Take Black card and using either talc or an anti static bag dust the card.
Stamp the Serenity Prayer from the Oriental companion set and stamp using versamark, cover with embossing powder and tap off in usual way and heat set.
Whilst you have the versamark and embossing powder out you can do the 3 coins on some of the remainder of the black card.

Next I used the piece of cut and dry and pva to make a glue pad ... just add a teaspoon of the glue and work it into the cut and dry. Dust another piece of the black card ready for use, ink up the dragon stamps with the ' Glue pad '  in the same way you would use an ink pad. Put the stamps straight into water to soak the remainder of the glue off. These will clean off very well with no effort.

Using the gilding flakes of choice cover the Stamped Dragons and buff to a shine. Then put to one side to cut out. This will take a while.

Take the bamboo stamp from the oriental companions set and stamp round the edge of the card using the Colour Chemistry Sepia ink pad. Then take your red alcohol marker and edge the card with it. You can also do this with an ink pad if you prefer.

Finally after cutting out your Dragons and discs matt and layer the card and mount the onto it.

Thanks for Looking 

Love Doreen