Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ink Blending ~ Winter Season

To make this card I used the products listed below

The Winter Trees stamp set
Colour Chemistry Ink Pads
I used Triple Autumn Leaves and Triple Fruity Reds 
Colour Chemistry Black pigment ink pad

Black permanent ink pad
Fusible fibres and Fantasy film
White paint pen
Glitter brush pen

This is the end result 

It starts like this ... looks a bit of a mess at this stage  ... agreed ?

Use the Black and cover the top an bottom and a little down the sides

Looks a bit better once the trees are stamped in place, using the Black Permanent Ink Pad.

 Add some highlights with the glitter brush pen. Add the random snow effect using the white paint pen.

Take some Fusible fibre and Fantasy film and make a sandwich, ink up the word stamps from the set masking off the last 's' from seasons. place sandwich over the inked up stamps and then cover with some greaseproof paper. Using a hot iron fuse the sandwich. I then cut off the excess close to the words but if you prefer to leave more of the film that is ok too. 

As with all things like this you must stay with it to the end to get a better feel of the technique although I must confess, I didn't think much of it myself to start with but it comes good in the end.

Thank you for looking

love  Doreen