Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Challenge at Oak House Studio - " Winter "

Winter Scene

To make this card the list of ' ingredients ' is a short one they include ;

Archival Colbalt Blue ink pad
White fluffy stuff or a white fine line paint pen.
1 each of the Colour Chemistry ink pads in Powder Blue and Slate
other items include a piece of contrast card, copy paper, a make up sponge and a wet wipe.

Take the White card, tree stamp and Colbalt blue ink pad, stamp first tree straight from the ink pad, ink up the stamp again stamp onto a piece of scrap paper then place the stamp slightly back and up and to the right of the first tree using the second generation of ink. Repeat this again in the centre and then to the forefront of the card taking the second generation off the page for the last image.

Tear your copy paper to make hills and then using the make up sponge or if you don't have a make up sponge use something similar to make a rounded shape in between your fingers and thumb. Place your torn paper with just the base of the tree showing and using your powder blue dab ink along the edge and pulling the ink toward the base of the card to give a grounding for the tree and a hilly terrain. repeat in the same way for all the trees, then add some hills to the back of the trees and some little hillocks to the fore just for good effect. 

Next step is the sky, take your wet wipe and scrunch it up to make a pad between your thumb and 2 fore fingers then dab onto your powder blue and loose some of the ink on your piece of scrap paper you don't want to much colour. Dab this lightly and randomly in the sky area down to the horizon twisting and turning your hand whilst doing so, when you feel it is enough use the same piece of wipe and go straight into the slate ink pad again loosing some of the colour on the piece of scrap, go over the blue to give a really moody feel to the sky. ( Try not to press to hard as this will make your card ripple with the moisture from the wipe.) 

The next step is to add the fluffy stuff randomly into the sky to give the snowy effect and to also give the illusion of snow on the ground you will just need to follow the terrain here and there too but don't squeeze the bottle to hard as this expands when it is heated, to get an idea of how much try a little on your piece of scrap first. Heat until it fluffs up nicely and then put to one side. If you don't want such an obvious display of snow and prefer a more subtle approach then use a white fine line paint pen.

 I used an A5 card for mine and trimmed a contrast colour or a piece of black card to make a matt then trimmed the artwork down to fit with a border showing. 

I used this technique at my first workshop and the results speak for themselves:

By Elizabeth

By Ron

By Christine

By Denise

By Johanna

Not at all different from the original really are they ? Considering 3 of them had never stamped before this workshop I think they did very well. 

 Someone did ask if it was ok to use glitter on the card ? Of course it is just spray the artwork before mounting onto your card .....

Thank you for looking and if you leave a comment I will definitely pass it on to all concerned xx

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