Sunday, 17 May 2015

Northern Lights technique using Chocolate Baroque Stamps

Northern Lights


Products used in the making of this card were :

Silhouette Stamp ... June's Fairy by Chocolate Baroque
Distress Ink Re-Inkers colours used : Abandoned Coral, Fossilized Amber, Dusty Concord, Weathered Wood and Black Soot.
2 small square pieces of Cut and Dry Foam
A5 piece of Watercolour card (this will be cut down slightly for matting and layering) 
A5 piece of coordinating colour card for matting and layering
Blank Card for mounting
Goosebumps Clear texture spray
 Clear embossing powder
Black Ink Pad

I was asked to do a blog on this technique so will explain as well as I can.

1. Firstly put a couple of drops of each colour of the distress inks onto a white tile, as they are very concentrated I leave the re-inker bottle behind the drops and end up with the different colours spaced out with the drops around the top and right hand side of the tile. 

2. Stamp and emboss main image. 

3. Spray goosebumps the bigger you want the drops the closer you need to be to the card when you spray. In the above picture I held the card at arms length to spray. Leave to dry or you can use your heat gun to speed this along.

4. Use any other silhouette stamps to help make your background scene you can leave these as they are or emboss them.

5. Working from the main image take a piece of cut and dry and pick up some of the ink of your choice, taking care not to wet the sponge as it is so easy to use too much and ruin your work, work in a circular movement around the main image,  then gradually work your way out until you are happy with the result. Use the weathered wood to make an illusion of hills etc. Then at the very final stage cut the piece down to the size you desire and use the black soot to go all around the outside of the card and to tone down any areas you are not happy with. I used a a seperate piece of the cut and dry for this. 

Before I go here is the disaster that happened when I added ink to the card before checking the colour and getting rid of some on a scrap of paper ..... I couldn't rectify it so it is now in the bin !! lol

Thanks for looking and I hope this is helpful 

Love Doreen


  1. Thanks so much for the blog :-)
    Oh Doreen - that's such a shame about the wasted artwork - go and rescue it from the bin and try the using some white brilliance ink through the sequin waste or other fine stencil over the orange to tone it down. Or what about splashing it with water and dabbing with kitchen roll? Hope you can salvage it xxx

    1. Ok I will try but can't see it happening personally but no harm in trying is there ?? xx

  2. Cool technique. Lovely card . . .brave of you to show your first "binned" piece so we know we are not alone when we do the same thing!!!! Thanks for the explanation.


    1. Thank you Sarn, I really appreciate you taking the time to look and leave comments on here xx