Saturday, 18 October 2014

Borders and Frames .... The beautiful Rose and the Harlequin ....

The Beautiful Rose and The Harlequin....

This is a fairly simple card I just used a large post it to mask off the centre of the card then taking the Colour Chemistry ink pad in Sea Blue and taking The Harlequin stamp and using the main stamp fill in and match up as much as possible then fill in the gaps with the single diamond.

Take the Beautiful Rose Stamp and stamp into the area that was masked off with the post it then using water and a very fine brush drag in the colour from the inked image. I used the Colour Chemistry Dusky Rose and Green as Grass ink pads  for this adding more colour with the brush straight from the ink pad if  I felt it needed a darker shade.

To finish use a fine line marker to go round the inside edge of the Harlequin frame. I did this by eye using a wiggly line, finally I added a couple of paper roses. 

Thank you for looking 

Love Doreen

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