Saturday, 11 October 2014

One Stamp Challenge - Christmas Corner

One Stamp Challenge - Christmas Coasters

6 Blank Coasters
Embossing Powders in Green, Gold and Clear (or red if you have it ) 
Permanent Black Ink Pad
Permanent Red Ink Pad 
White Acrylic Paint
Corresponding colours of Gilding Wax 

Using the sanded coasters, I always check there are no loose fibres as this will spoil the finished effect. 
I used 2 coats of White Acrylic Paint but if you gesso first, one should be enough.
When they are dry stamp image the first image and coat with embossing powder before moving to the opposite corner, repeat and then heat emboss. Repeat the process for all the coasters, then add sentiment if desired heat embossing as before. 

Take Gilding wax and carefully apply to edges of the coasters and buff to a shine. 

Spray Varnish or Paint a sealant to protect if you wish to.

Thank you for Looking
Love Doreen 

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